At this time of year, rats and mice are in search of warmer areas and unfortunately our homes provide the perfect conditions for breeding. They tend to build their nests in

> Wall cavities
> Roof voids
> Subfloor
> Garages and
> Behind appliances I.E. Dishwashers, Fridges, Washing Machines etc

Rats and Mice carry disease, contaminate food and their excrement produce an unwanted odour and stains walls.

Rodents are active at night time and they can become quite noisy, scratching, gnawing and fighting. They gnaw numerous items to keep their teeth sharp including wires and building materials potentially causing costly damage to your home.

The breeding cycle of rodents can commence around 10 weeks of age, conception to birth is approximately 3 weeks with litters of around 5-6 but can be as many as 13. Mothers can re-mate immediately after giving birth so you can see how infestations can escalate quite quickly.

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