Termites (White Ants) in your Buildings?



Both Coptotermes and Nasutitermes are prevalent within Albury/Wodonga & surrounding areas and can cause major damage to your property possibly making it unsafe.

Annual Termite damage in Australia is said to be 5 times that of flood, fire and storms combined and insurance companies will not cover damage caused by termites. Frightening isn’t it!!


How do I know if I have Termites?

For peace of mind get one of Pestpac’s fully licenced and experienced technicians to carry out a Termite Inspection on your home, as recommended by the Australian Standard. We will provide you with a comprehensive written report complete with photos and recommendations. In line with the Australian Standard, this should be done once a year.

What happens if I have Termites?

We will discuss the options with you and organise a Termite Proposal for you which will tell you exactly how we will fix the problem, cost involved, then you can make an informed decision.

Are you buying a House?

For peace of mind it is best to have a Pre-Purchase Inspection carried out on a house you have made an offer on.

Read more about our Pre-Purchase Inspection Service.

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