Mouse Spider


Identifying mouse spiders

  • Mouse spiders have high, bulbous heads and jaws
  • The carapace is smooth and shiny
  • The eyes are spread across the front of the carapace, not closely grouped
  • The spinnerets are short, the last segment domed and button-like
  • Male spiders have long slender pedipalps
  • Male spiders have no mating spurs on the legs
  • Males of some species have distinctive colour markings but others are black overall

Mouse spider species are often mistaken for funnel-web spiders. Both can be large and shiny black. Compare these images and spot the differences.

Male Mouse Spider


Female Mouse Spider

is all black in colour and generally larger then the males.


Normally not aggressive, ground dwelling spider. Watch for wandering males, which will bite if provoked. Toxic venom and painful bite. Stand clear.

In case of bite

  • Pain or discomfort occurs in all spider bites.
  • Rest and elevation.
  • Local application of ice packs and lotions.
  • Simple analgesics and antihistamines.
  • In some patients, anaphylactic reactions may occur after insect bites, and these may be life threatening. Get to a hospital fast.